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Property & Equipment

From Office Buildings to Contractors Tools, We Can Find A Policy To Cover It!


Whether your business owns the building you operate out of, or leases it, the Francis J. Craig Agency can offer coverage on all of your business property needs. By partnering with multiple insurance companies, we can find a property insurance solution for most types of commercial operations. By adequately insuring your property inside and outside of the building, you can feel confident that your investments and revenue streams are properly protected.


The Francis J. Craig Agency is able to offer policies to cover the following types of business property:

(Please note that not all businesses are eligible for coverage through the Francis J. Craig Agency.)


Office Buildings, Flood Insurance, Rental Properties, Office Furniture and Fixtures, Inventory, Business Equipment and Supplies, Business Personal Property Construction Equipment and Machinery, Dental and Medical Equipment, Repair Shop Tools and Equipment, Contractors Tools, Business Income, Salespersons Samples, Manufacturing Machinery, Valuable Papers, Accounting Records, Office Decor and Artwork, and much more.


The above list is not all-inclusive. If you have a business property, tools, or equipment need that you do not see above, please contact the Francis J. Craig Agency to determine if we are able to find an insurance solution for your business property needs.

Modern Office Buildings
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