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Personal Liability

Protecting Lifestyles By Offering High Liability Limits and Personal Umbrella Policies


Perhaps now more than ever before, the importance of having your assets safeguarded from large liability claims is paramount! Whether driving your car or boat, having guests to your home for a social gathering, or simply enjoying a relaxing round of golf, the possibility of an accident occurring and resulting in a substantial liability suit is constantly present in our daily lives. Although you cannot always avoid the accident from occurring, you can have protection from the financial backlash of the lawsuit. 


The Francis J. Craig Agency understands how vital it is to have your assets properly protected in case of liability lawsuit being filed against you or a family member. We offer high liability limits on all of our personal insurance products, including automobile, homeowners, boat, and more, to give you front line protection if a liability claim is filed. 

To give you an even stronger layer of asset protection, we also offer Personal Umbrella and Excess Liability policies. If the worst should happen, and a claim maxes out your liability limit on your primary policy (auto, home, boat, etc), the Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability policy will step up to give you an extra $1,000,000 or more in liability limits. In some cases, the Personal Umbrella policy may even step in if the cause of the claim is not covered by your other policies!


And if you are concerned about the additional cost of a Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability policy, then relax! These policies are generally very affordable, and well worth the additional expense. We hope that you are never involved in such a serious claim that a Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability policy needs to step in, but if it does happen, you will be happy to have paid that additional cost! Give us a call today to see how we can help provide you with an extra layer of liability protection.


Please note that the Francis J. Craig Agency is not able to provide coverage for every applicant.

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