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Homes & Rentals Insurance

From Primary Homes to Seasonal Cottages, We Can Find A Policy to Cover It!


The Francis J. Craig Agency partners with multiple insurance companies that specialize in providing the protection you need for your home. Whether you are looking for a policy to cover your year-round home, seasonal home, or rental property, we can help you find an affordable option to keep your dwelling and its contents protected.


The Francis J. Craig Agency can help find a policy for the following types of homes:


Primary Homes - Traditional site, Single Family, Condominiums, Townhouses, Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Duplexes, Multi-Family, High Value, Flood Insurance


Secondary or Seasonal Homes - Cottages, Cabins, Mobile Homes, Traditional Site, Flood Insurance


Rental Properties - Single Family, Multi-Family, Townhouses, Condominiums, Duplexes, Vacant, Seasonal Rentals


Renters Insurance - For those who just need coverage for their personal property and liability.


The above list is not all-inclusive. If you have or are looking to purchase a home that is not listed, please contact the Francis J. Craig Agency to discuss any options that we may have available to you.


Perhaps you are having trouble finding a policy for your home due to prior claims, dog bites, or other personal factors. We may have an option available for you! Give us a call to see if we can help you get the coverage you need. Please note that the Francis J. Craig Agency is not able to provide coverage for every applicant. 

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