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As of Thursday, October 24th, the Francis J. Craig Agency has upgraded its telephone system. There are several enhancements that our clients can take advantage of, and you can read more about those enhancements below. Most importantly, all of the staff at the Craig Agency will have new phone extensions, which are very similar to the old extensions. Here is the updated list of extensions:

Marcie Craig-Reilly: 210

Sue Mueller: 220

Laurie Craig: 240

Glenn Craig: 250

Kevin Craig: 300

Basically, it is just our old extensions, with a "0" added to them at the end. This was a requirement of the new phone service.

When our office is closed, you will now hear a new message on our phones. The best enhancement of the after-hours message is that now our clients have the ability to be transferred from our Craig Agency phone to the direct claims reporting phone numbers of our most popular carriers, such as Auto-Owners, Progressive, Donegal, Safeco, Main Street America, Grinnell Mutual, The Philadelphia Contributionship, and Met. Just press option "5" during the after-hours message, and you will hear the list of carriers we can direct you to. With this option, you no longer have to wait for our office to open in order to file an urgent claim. As always, if the claim is not urgent and you prefer to work with the Craig Agency in having it filed, you can always leave a voicemail for us to respond to the next business day.

In order to shorten the business hours message, we decided to offer an option to hear the company directory, rather than listing the names and extensions on the opening greeting. You can always punch an extension in at any time during a greeting to immediately reach the associate you are calling for.

The new phone system also allows our staff to work remotely, enhancing our ability to service our clients during inclement weather. During normal business hours, even if our staff cannot physically get to our office, we will have the ability to answer phones.

We appreciate our clients' patience while adjusting to our new extensions. Thank you all for your business, and we look forward to being able to provide an even higher quality of service!


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